In November of 2018 through a series of improbable events I met my now fiancé. We met almost simultaneously through work and an internet dating app, which resulted in us going to a Kurt Vile show together. We’ve since traveled through London, Dublin, Prague, Brno, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. Not to mention exploring each other home cities and petting many cats.

On January 1st of this year, while we were in New Orleans, a city Rachel had never been to but always wanted to see, I wanted this person to be my partner for the future. So I asked her if she would continue to join me on these adventures and maybe even return to New Orleans with me next year to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement.

She said yes.

We aren’t the most formal with the existing rituals type (what would you expect when a philosopher and anthropologist who both work in software pair up?), so we’re doing our own thing. As travelers and with friends across the globe, we do know we want to do something to celebrate with people in both the US and the North of Ireland, most likely to be more a camping weekend or barbecues in the Summer of 2021 than a big structured ritualistic exchange of vows / property.

We are planning the official / formal / legal document signing event for 2020-10-10 (as a cross cultural couple, I try to avoid the DD/MM/YY vs MM/DD/YY transatlantic issue where I can). We will have more details to follow for people who are curious about such things.


Will one of you be moving?

Yes I (Chris) will be moving to the Belfast office of my employer in fall of 2020.

Will there be a website / photo blog / registry / something

There will be something, I’m sure we will send it out when we figure out those details, probably under the name with broadcasts out to the social media circles as needed.

Whats up with the Summer 2021 stuff?

We don’t know yet. But It’s sufficiently far enough in advance we can focus on things like me relocating to a different country and integrating our lives together.